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Corns can often be cured with the right treatments, although many Chiropodists / Podiatrists / Foot Health Practitioners still don't know how to provide permanent cures. Make sure you see one that does!

There are several different types of corns, including hard ones, soft ones, and seed corns. They are not caused by an infection, and therefore cannot be caught off someone else. They can occur anywhere on the foot, and are not just limited to the toes, although they are usually found on areas prone to high pressure or rubbing in shoes. First aid treatment for hard or seed corns with the daily application of moisturising cream can help, although professional removal is best. Corn plasters or paints are not recommended as they can cause damage to the surrounding tissues, and rarely resolve the original problem. If you have corns, they can often be cured completely with the right treatment plan from an experienced Chiropodist / Podiatrist. This may involve the use of insoles, silicone devices, or special gels.

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