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Ingrowing Toe-nails

One of the most common, yet troublesome foot problems is very easily cured in the right hands. Most people describe pain around a toe-nail as an ingrowing nail. However, a true ingrowing toe-nail (Onychocryptosis) is where the nail has actually penetrated the flesh around it causing an open wound, and more-often-than-not, localized infection. Other causes of pain around the nail include involution, convolution, sulcal callous, and nail thickening, all often described inaccurately as ingrowing toe-nails even by Health Care Professionals. Home treatment of ingrowing toe-nail is really limited to the management of bacterial infection by soaking the foot for a few minutes in warm salted water.

Doctors tend to just prescribe antibiotics for the infection. Specialised treatment by a Chiropodist / Podiatrist is generally required, and if the problem is persistent, then it can be cured by a simple operation performed under local anaesthetic. Appropriately trained and experienced Chiropodists / Podiatrists are the most suitable people to carry out this surgery as it is generally the only surgical procedure they specialise in. They often have to resolve problems caused by other medical professionals attempting this surgery. After all, you wouldn't go to your doctor to have your tooth filled, would you?

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